Stress Therapy FAQ

What is the AURA PTL II Clinical System?

The AURA PTL II Clinical System is the first fully integrated holistic clinical system that combines the use of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), acupoint stimulation, homeopathy, nutrition, enzymes and energetic substance information induction to create safe and effective clinical protocols for a wide range of patient oriented and health related issues

How many energetic substance frequencies are in the AURA PTL II?

The AURA PTL II contains over 130,000 substance specific frequencies.

How many individual recipes are in the AURA PTL II?

The AURA PTL II contains over 750 individual recipes that combine to form over 50 integrated clinical protocols.

How many patient visits does each protocol take?

Each protocol will range from 3 patient visits to as many as 20 patient visits.

Longer protocols include “Lifestyle Enhancements” such as “Lose It!” for weight management, “Vitality” for biological youth and “Detox & Cleanse” which are implemented over a period of several months with weekly visits.

Protocols such as “Just Stop!” which helps to alleviate cravings, irritability and anxiety during smoking cessation require only 3 patient visits during a 1-week period.

The average protocol will require approximately 9 – 12 patient visits.

Does the AURA PTL II Clinical System have any ongoing fees, click fees or use fees?

No!  The AURA PTL II Clinical System has two profit centers both retained 100% by the practitioner.  Practitioners are suggested to charge fees for patient time as well as a standard markup on all products including homeopathy and nutrition creating a second all cash retail profit center.

The AURA PTL II Clinical System does not have any click fees, monthly fees, per patient fees or recurring fees of any type.

How long is the average patient visit?

The average patient visit will consist of one or two Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) sessions with each taking approximately 3-5 minutes.  Total patient time per visit is less than 10 minutes.

What is the average fee for this type of therapy?

Practitioners are encouraged to charge what they feel is commensurate for their time, experience and expertise.  Most practitioners charge anywhere from $50 – $125 per patient visit.  Practitioners at their sole discretion may charge either case fees or per visit

What is performance wellness?
“Performance Wellness” is a term used by BioVeda as a slogan and statement reflecting our commitment in creating “measurable results” oriented clinical solutions that are consistent and repeatable as well as safe and holistic in nature.

Why do you call this integrative therapy?
“Performance Wellness” is the integration of allopathic/functional medicine, energetic medicine and alternative medicine.

The AURA PTL II Clinical System uses proven and clinically effective modalities such as Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), Homeopathy, Nutrition, Enzymes, Acupoint Stimulation and Frequency Information Induction.  The AURA PTL II Clinical System through years of research developed protocols integrating each aspect of therapy to deliver a measurable and repeatable process to support patients with a broad range of health related issues.

What types of health care providers is THE AURA PTL II Clinical System designed for?

The AURA PTL II Clinical System was designed for a broad range of health care providers.  The PTL II has been predominantly used by Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists but is also used by MD’s, DO’s and Nurse Practitioners as well as other holistic practitioners under the supervision of a licensed health care provider.

What types of protocols are included in the AURA PTL Clinical System?

The AURA PTL II Clinical System includes over (50) fully integrated protocols which include:

  • Sensitivity for Alleviating the Stress Response to Common Substances
  • Just Stop! for relief of anxiety, irritability and cravings related to smoking cessation
  • Lose It! Weight management program
  • Sleep & Rest
  • Energy & Performance
  • Vitality (Anti-Aging/Biological Youth Lifestyle Program)
  • Detox & Cleanse
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Boost
  • StressLess
  • Wheezeaway
  • Healthy Skin
  • Yeast Free

Also included are multiple integrated protocols to support or alleviate:

  • NERVE discomfort
  • PAIN and inflammation
  • BALANCING of body systems
  • FOUNDATIONAL protocols

For a complete list of protocols and detailed information about the protocols, please email or call us at 877-229-3000.

Does the AURA PTL II require the use of a computer or learning new software?

No.  The AURA PTL II Clinical System requires no computer of any type and no complicated software to learn making this easy for any practitioner regardless of technical acumen or experience.

What type of training is offered?

All training for the AURA PTL II Clinical System is done online via webinar.  You can learn from the convenience of your home or office without taking valuable time away from patients.  All online training is included at no additional charge.  There is no expense associated with travel and you may train as often as you wish and as many members of your staff as you require.

Is the AURA PTL II Clinical System Insurance Billable?

No.  All of BioVeda’s clinical systems are designed to create cash income for the practice.  At BioVeda we believe practitioners should be able to bill a fair fee for their time, training, energy, effort and expertise and retain that income.

Who can perform Low Level Light Therapy?
Low Level Light Therapy is within scope of practice in nearly all states for both medical doctors and holistic physicians such as DC’s, ND’s and Acupuncturists.  Further, in most states, supervised members of your staff are permitted to perform LLLT.  We suggested you check with your state board for exact regulations pertaining to the specific use of LLLT as well as who is qualified to administer LLLT.

Do I need special licensing or training to use LLLT?

BioVeda recommends if you have questions to check with your specific state board.  Both you and/or your staff may require independent certification prior to use of LLLT in some states.

Do I need experience with acupuncture, homeopathy or nutrition to be successful with this system?

No.  The protocols have been designed as recipes, organized into a book and detailed in a step by step manner allowing any physician to follow the instructions and provide repeatable consistent patient care.

What is in the “BioCore Cook Book”?

The BioCore Cook Book contains a detailed overview of every protocol available which includes:

  • Overview and Benefits of the Protocol
  • All Supplements and Homeopathy Included with directions, ingredients, dosage and description
  • All LLLT settings for the PTL II with step by step instructions for each patient visit
  • Visual presentation of acupoints to be used during LLLT

Is the AURA PTL II Clinical System Safe?

Yes!  The AURA PTL II Clinical System is safe, gentle, non-invasive and holistic.

  • Low Level Light Therapy is non-heat emitting, is considered to be extremely safe, non-invasive, has no contraindications for use and no known side effects
  • The Homeopathy used in each protocol is FDA registered, has no side effects, is considered extremely safe and mild by comparison to its pharmaceutical cousins, is highly effective and has no contraindications with restricted diets or conventional medications
  • All nutrition, herbal and enzyme products are for support of structure and function and use the finest ingredients available

Can I adjust settings on the AURA PTL II?

Yes.  The AURA PTL II allows for the practitioner to modulate (3) components of the therapy using guidelines provided in each protocol.

What settings can be adjusted on the AURA PTL II?

Practitioners may adjust the (1) Duration of Low Level Light Therapy, (2) The potency of the therapy and (3) the carrier frequency based on stimulatory effect required.

What is a “Carrier Frequency”?

“Carrier Frequencies” are the Hz or speed set to deliver substance specific energetic information.  The “Carrier Frequency” is matched to the required tissue stimulation necessary to achieve clinical results.  The “Carrier Frequency” in all protocols is preset for the practitioner but may be adjusted from the hand held device based on variations or requirements subject to each patient.

Also known as: Carrier Signal

Carrier Signal (Carrier Frequency) is a continuous signal of a single frequency, which is suitable of being modulated with (or carrying) a second information signal.

This is the normal method of transferring information by wireless systems, and in telecommunications the carrier frequency is usually a radio signal of much higher frequency than that contained in the information signal. Optical fiber communication networks use light as a communications medium, and the carrier will then be a laser-generated light beam.

Why are “Carrier Frequencies” important?

Energetic systems do not account for various forms of tissue stimulation which is the fundamental foundation of Low Level Light Therapy.  It is clinically proven and accepted through clinical trial that modulation of the “Carrier Frequency” will impact tissue type to create more consistent patient outcomes relative to pain, inflammation or general cellular stimulation also known as biomodulation.

The AURA PTL II is the only Low Level Light Therapy system that integrates both the use of energetic substance specific information induction and modulated carrier frequencies.

Why is it important to modulate the “Duration” of each Low Level Light Therapy session?

Energetic systems do not account for variance of time required to effectively provide the healing effect associated with various types of pain, inflammation or stimulatory protocols.  The “Duration” is defined as the period of time required for each Low Level Light Therapy session and may range from 30 – 600 seconds based on the protocol.

The AURA PTL II is the only Low Level Light Therapy system to integrate the use of energetic substance information induction while incorporating PRESET “Duration” settings to generate more consistent and reliable patient outcomes.

Why do we modulate the “Potency” of the substance specific frequency?

Modulating the “Potency” of substance specific frequencies or “tinctures”, we have found patients to be more receptive to information.  The PTL II recipes are all preset to specific “tinctures” determined to be most effective but secondary “tinctures” are available which may be adjusted by the practitioner from the hand held device.

What is an “Induction” laser?

An induction laser is a laser that passes information to the body through the beam of light.

Is the AURA PTL II an “Induction” laser?

Yes.  The AURA PTL II is unique from any other stand alone laser on the planet in that it utilizes not only the traditional benefits of Low Level Light Therapy but utilizes the extensive library of substance specific patterns to transmit information to the cells.

What type of patient assessment is required?

The AURA PTL II Clinical System does not utilize energetic assessment.  The AURA PTL II Clinical System utilizes a standardized set of patient intake forms that put the assessment in the hands of the trained practitioner.  Practitioners may use any form of patient diagnostic necessary, available and at their discretion in addition to information obtained via patient consultation.

Why does the AURA PTL II Clinical System not use energetic assessment?
The simple answer is it’s not necessary.  After 3 years of clinical application, the protocols used in the AURA PTL II have been determined to be effective without assessment by using specific combinations of substance information in conjunction with homeopathy, nutrition and LLLT.

Energetic assessment is not repeatable and many practitioners have difficulty understanding the information, how to correlate the information to patient physiology and explain the results to the true meaning of the results to the patient.  This in turn creates wide gaps in results from practitioner to practitioner.

The BAX AURA PTL II Clinical System was developed to be an easier and faster form of patient care with predetermined integrated protocols that do not require energetic assessment.  All substance information, supplements, homeopathy and settings have been predetermined to generate optimal, consistent and repeatable results without the time required for energetic scans.

Is the AURA PTL FDA Registered?

Yes.  The AURA PTL II is FDA registered with intended use for the reduction of chronic or acute pain and inflammation.  Low Level Light Lasers are also proven to have stimulatory effect on cells known as biomodulation which can improve circulation, increase metabolism and cause the chemical release of endorphins and serotonin to calm and relax the body.

Does BioVeda have an FDA Labeler number and registration to market over the counter homeopathic medications, nutrition and supplements?

Yes.  BioVeda is independently registered with the FDA to label and market homeopathic OTC medications, nutrition and supplements.  In addition, all homeopathic products have indications for intended use and approval for treatment of patient symptoms and conditions.  All products meet guidelines and standards for GMP.


What are the specifications for the AURA PTL II

  • Fully collimated laser beams with accuracy up to 10 nanoseconds
  • Less than 5mw (milliwatt) of maximum power output at 635nm (nanometers)
  • FDA Registered Class IIIa Laser / Class II Medical Device categorized for use in physical therapy 
  • Approximately 6 hours of battery life w/ 2 hours of charge time
  • Weight 8 oz. 
  • Capable of Storing up to 3000 Recipes and up to 200 integrated protocols


What makes this laser different from others offered by competing laser manufacturers?

The AURA PTL II not only competes in its class for power, precision and features but is the ONLY Low Level Light Therapy System to incorporate energetic based substance specific frequencies.

The AURA PTL II is the only LLLT System to integrate specific therapeutic protocols, nutrition, homeopathy and acupoint therapy in addition to “Information Induction” capabilities to create a one of a kind patient wellness program.

Do you offer financing for the AURA PTL II Clinical System?

Yes!  While many practitioners choose to use existing funds or purchase using credit cards, BioVeda does offer multiple leasing options.  A practitioner wishing to lease the AURA PTL II Clinical System can expect a payment based on options selected of between $200.00 to $350.00 per month with no money out of pocket.

BioVeda works with equal opportunity lenders.  All lease approvals and payment terms are based on each individual’s credit worthiness.

Can I use the AURA PTL II effectively without using the integrated supplements and homeopathy?

Yes.  The supplements and homeopathy have been integrated into the protocols for several reasons:


  1. While the PTL II is amazing, a laser is not able to add physical nutrients or minerals to support structure and function in the body, it provides information, facilitates cellular stimulation, biomodulation and helps to reduce pain and inflammation
  2. Using nutritional supplements will speed up the healing process and help to reduce symptoms more quickly and efficiently than LLLT alone
  3. Use of the integrated homeopathic products will reduce symptoms almost immediately in many cases and give the body additional information to begin the healing process and heal itself
  4. Nutrition can effectively boost the immune system and regulate proper bodily function allowing the body to maintain the long term benefits of this therapy and sustained wellness
  5. The integrated use of the products are the difference between average or inconsistent results and consistent and reliable clinical outcomes

If I purchase the AURA PTL II, do I have to use your nutrition and homeopathy?

No.  We understand many practitioners have long standing relationships with other very reputable formulators of supplements and homeopathic medications.

While we recommend the use of the supplements developed by BioVeda to specifically integrate with each therapy, you may substitute similar products from other manufacturer’s as you see fit.

Are there any protocols not included in the AURA PTL II Base System?

Yes.  The AURA PTL includes every protocol as a standard feature with the exception of “Lose It!”, our weight management protocol and body balancing protocol.